Article Reviews

After you have chosen the problem you would like to focus on you will need to explore the issue. Find 2-3 article for each member in the group, to read and review, that relates to the chosen interpersonal problem. Try to draw all of your articles from scholarly journals or books.

Individually: you will write up a brief (2-4 paragraph) review of each article and post it to the article review section of the wordpress site. The content of the review does not need to be in formal essay format, however it must be typed, and double-spaced, using Times New Roman or Courier font. (Individual Typed Report Due: Thursday, October 27th in Class) Make sure to include:

• The full citation for the article
• A review of the article: Here are some questions to think about:
1. what does it say?
2. Why was it written?
3. What did you find interesting about it?
4. Why are the contents important in relation to your given topic?